Greek tattoos Archive

Spartan soldier

Forget the movie 300, the Spartans did use real soldiers armor in his time, whether copper or linothorax. This tattoo shows a Spartan phalanx, with the classic hull they carried. The tattoo has a good concept, but there are details like the face of the soldier who

Galea tattoo on shoulder

  Tattoo of a galea, the classic helmet worn by Roman soldiers. There are also another couple of tattoos with references to Roman civilization, the Parthenon, and a soldier sitting on the floor. Definitely the owner of this tattoo is a lover of ancient Roman civilization.

Greek armband tattoo

A greek armband tattoo. Not a long time ago this kind of tattoos were very popular (I’m talking about the armband designs), although nowadays people prefer to get tattoos on other places. This design is greek styled with a message in between the two bands which means